It's All How You Look At It by Keith Bedford

As I re-launch this blog after years of silence(the daily grind of a staff job will do that to you), I've been thinking a lot about what people see in pictures. It's funny how much we read into an image. They would find meaning in images even if you did not intend them to. From the mundane to the absurd. I shot this a few months back when former President Obama received a JFK Profile in Courage Award. While his back was turned greeting Caroline Kennedy, everyone else quickly left to let him give his speech. He turned around to say a hello or two only to see that everyone had left and his wife Michelle scurrying away. He made this half joking frown of disappointment as the crowd laughed. All of that is hard to explain in a two sentence AP style caption. 

When the photo got posted to Instagram, it took on a life of its own. Most people took it to mean that he was checking out his wife in "loving" way. I got so many hits on that it got re-posted to People Magazines feed. So many people want to see the love the that he has for his wife. It's just funny that they are finding it in such an awkward moment.